To make cents of it all


As I mentioned in my first blog, The Journey all started with Wheats, I first fell in my love with coin collecting through Wheat Cents. Yes, cent. The US Mints official name for the coin is “cent” and if we are really being fancy, The U.S. Treasury’s official term is “one cent piece.” The moniker penny comes from the British coin of the same name in the British system.

My fascination quickly drew to all American denominations, from Pre’64 Quarters and State Quarters, Buffalo/Silver Nickels, sorting through 40% and 90% silver coins, all coins that are currently in circulation has skyrocketed my fascination in this new hobby of mine.

Through all the coins I currently go through in circulation the hunt for the Wheats and Error Cents has me salivating the most. What are Error Cents you ask??……Check out the list of top 30 Cents to look for in your pocket change or in Grandma’s drawer (get permission first). You might be sitting (literally) on a couple thousand bucks but in a form of a Lincoln Cent. Happy Trails!!!