The Half Dollars


You hardly see any of these bad boys in circulation anymore and when you do I’ve heard of people stashing them as some sort of lucky charm or I’ve often heard of Bank Tellers trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible. I am the aforementioned lucky charm stasher. When I order my box sets of Half Dollars I just don’t look for silver half’s, 90% silver pre-1964 and 40% silver 1965-1970, I also look for what I like to call my Kharacter Kennedy’s. These are coins that have been drilled through to be worn as a necklace; coins were a certain toning/tarnishing makes it look cool/interesting, coins that have been beat up a certain way. All of those types intrigue me and if I feel like splurging on something someday at least I’ll have a good amount of clank in half dollars that I’ve saved up.

My favorite Half Dollar coins you can still find in circulation today are the Walking Liberty (1916-1947) and the Franklins (1948-1963, cut short because of the assassination of President JFK). My very first box of Half Dollars I ordered absolutely blew my mind away. I had seen videos on YouTube were people kept on coming out with nothing and nothing while they were Coin Roll Searching. I took a gamble and went for it. My first box contained 35 total silver coins, (29) 40%’s and (6) 90%’s and two of those six were a ‘54D Franklin and a ’45 Walking Liberty. Absolutely blew my mind away. Then in the subsequent weeks I ordered 6 more boxes and they contained absolutely nothing. It’s like the Numismatic Gods were messing with me…….but shoot I’ll take it. Can’t wait for my orders this week.

Look up many valuable Half Dollar coins. Whether you’re collecting them for the silver or trying to finish a set of proofs, all of The U.S. Half Dollars are big, beautiful and great to look at.

  • Kennedy Half Dollar 1965 – 1970 (40%) – .1479 oz of silver
  • Kennedy Half Dollar 1964 (90%) – .3617 oz of silver
  • Ben Franklin Half Dollar 1948 – 1963 (90%) .3617 oz of silver
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1916 – 1947 (90%) .3617 oz of silver
  • Barber Half Dollar 1892 – 1915 (90%) .3617 of silver