Ohhhh the Quarter


There have been many variations of the United States Quarter throughout our great history. Starting with the silver quarters of the Draped Bust; all the way to the George Washington copper-nickel clad America the Beautiful Quarters Program you can find in circulation in 2017. United States quarters have made a huge impact in the Numismatics world due to their many series and various few mints. My favorite in this series has to be the exposure of Lady Liberty quarter in 1916-1917. The United States Mint passed the coin that exposes one of Lady Liberty’s breasts. Outcry from the public was immediate and soon the design was changed to her being fully draped in late 1917.

Start your Quarter collection today with Silver Quarters or start out with a bang with a Early Bust or Seated Liberty Quarter.

Washington Quarter 1932 – 1964 (90%) .1808 oz of silver