The Brilliant Uncirculated Very Affordable 1 oz. Silver Round – The 2017 Niue Silver Athena Owl

You may be like me who enjoys buying 1 oz. silver rounds because of their long-term investment value and the fact that they are beautiful pieces of art, although when buying my silver rounds, I am very cautious in overspending. I always look at the SPOT price of silver for the day and make my assessment in which round/coin I would like to purchase after that.

Some rounds I have bought recently are the A-Mark Silver Round, Sunshine Silver Round, Sunshine Buffalo or Sunshine Walking Liberty Rounds. All beautiful pieces respectively but I was trying to look for something from a different Mint and/or design that wasn’t going to be too high of a premium over spot (Not hating on you – 2017 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, 2017 British Silver Britannia Coin or 2017 Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin.)

After a while of searching various websites and not just grabbing up miscellaneous rounds that had a low premium but may be scuffed/damaged/cull, I found the silver round I was looking for. I came across a 1 oz silver round that was Brilliantly Uncirculated and was very-very affordable.

Niue has one of the fastest growing portfolios of silver coins struck in its name. Produced primarily by the New Zealand Mint, there are many rounds and coins that are being struck and processed. Among them is the exciting new 2017 Athenian Owl Stackable Coin. The Athena Owl Round contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. The Obverse (front) has Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy. The reverse (back) has a Athenian Owl design.

The great thing about the 2017 Athena Owl Silver Round is that it contains several unique design features. First and foremost, the background field on both sides of the coins include a hammered finish that gives the silver coins a unique, ancient appearance. Secondarily, the coins all have an outer-rim design on the obverse and reverse face of alternating raised and sunken surfaces. These features of the design interlock so you can easily stack your 2017 1 oz Niue Silver Athena Owl Coins together!! These rounds are exactly what I was looking for.

*  Low cost over premium

*  Unique design.

*  Brilliant Uncirculated

I encourage you, if you have the same checklist that I do, the 2017 Niue Silver Athena Owl would be a great coin to add to your silver portfolio.


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