Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars – My Search for Valuable Kennedy’s

I guess I am a fortunate individual. After looking at videos on YouTube about people coin roll hunting $500 boxes and coming up with nothing I was pessimistic about ordering a box but I did it anyway. The very first box I ordered of half dollars contained (35) silver coins. I found (29) – 40%’s and (6) 90%’s and two of those 90%’s were a ’54 Franklin and a ’45 Walking Liberty. I was very excited and I thought every box was like this. I quickly ordered more boxes for the next week and subsequent weeks. I have ordered 9 boxes since the ‘Silver Box’ and have come up with (1) 40%er. Very unpleasing. I guess the guy who did my first box got fired.

To be honest though, I don’t strictly Coin Roll Hunt for silvers. To keep my interest level high and not get bummed out or upset when/if I don’t find any silvers, I created some categories that would help me stash coins away and invest in my near future.

When I Coin Roll Hunt the things I look for are:

90% (1916-1964) and 40% (1965-1970) silver half dollars – Because of their silver weight the 1965-1970 half dollar is, as I type this, $2.54 each and the 1916-1964 half dollar is $6.21 each.

Character Kennedy Coins – These coins are the ugly ducklings of the group. Beat up, discolored, drilled through for necklaces or shot at by a bb gun, I collect these coins because they have character.

Toned half dollars – These coins have discolorations on the surface due to oxygen and other chemicals in the air acting with the silver.

Whether your CRHing half dollars, looking through cent coins for wheats or nickels for buffalo/war nickels, search for different features within the coins to keep the intrigue level high. Maybe with cents, collect wheats and pre-82 cents for their copper content. Whatever you’re searching for here’s to you and your quest!!

(2) San Francisco Mint Proofs found CRHing!!


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