The Journey all started with Wheats

On March 23rd, 2017, I was rustling through the trunk of my car and I found a Donald Duck piggy bank. I shook it and heard some jingle, as I took out the coins, two Wheat Pennies fell to the palm of my hand. A ’42 and a ’46D. I was amazed at how these little guys had survived through the decades and as I started to really think about it more, it really started to intrigue me.

Through the next couple of days I would scurry through my wife’s purse and dig my hands in the sofas looking for loose change. I cleaned out the rest of the piggy banks in the house, got through all the ‘crap drawers’ in the kitchen and laundry room and looked through every nook and cranny in the closets to make sure I would find every last coin in my Diameter o’ Crazy.

Before I knew it a whole week had gone by since my first discovery and I was now looking at 32 Wheat Pennies. Not bad for 7 days of obsession. I ended up coin roll hunting (numerous times), rolled my neighbors coins for them in exchange that I would keep the pennies and my Dad ended up having a little stash stored away too.

The journey has now been a little more than one month and now my attention has turned to collecting and selling various denominations of coins. I have started to invest more in myself and my future and I believe it is because of my newfound affection for coins. And to think the journey all started with wheats.




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